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Spill Kits

Spill containment is where spills of chemicals, oils, sewage etc. are contained within a barrier or drainage system rather than being absorbed at the surface. One method is to use an inflatable stopper or pneumatic bladder which is inserted into the outflow of a drainage system to create a containment vessel. In the event of a spill the stopper bladder is inflated to block the drain/s and to prevent the spilled agent from entering the ground water, stream or river.

Industrial safety is a crucial role that demands due care and attention, even a minute ignorance in this regard can lead to drastic outcomes.

  •  Oil / Chemical Spill Kits
  •  Oil / Chemical Spill Kits
  •  Product Range comprising of Pads, Socks
  •  Granular, Booms, Pillows

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